Worries over possible developments in East Warminster

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By nhavergal | Wednesday, November 14, 2012, 12:47

Members of the East Boreham Residents Action Group attended a Planning Advisory Committee meeting on Monday to express their concerns over future proposals for land around The Dene. 

The action group felt developments for the land would affect the wildlife and cause major traffic problems in the area. 

East Boreham Residents Action Group spoke of their concerns after the site was viewed by Hallam Land Management developers. 

Seeking for Warminster Town Council's support against proposed plans, the council said no decision would be made until applications were submitted. 

Councillor Nicklin said: "We have sympathy with and understanding of the points that have been raised, but any comment we make in advance of an application could prejudice the Committee's ability to debate the issues once the plans do arrive."

Warminster Town Council would like to reassure resident groups and organisations that their opinions have been noted and will be considered once applications have been submitted. 



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    No applications have yet been submitted so the way I see it it's going to be green land until someone comes forward with a development idea. I guess we just have to hold on to our hats.

    By nhavergal at 12:26 on 16/11/12

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    Does anyone know what type of housing the developers are proposing to build? Personally (although I don't live anywhere near the site, so easy for me to say) I would be less against such a proposal if it were for affordable housing for those struggling to get on the property ladder in the current recession. If it is yet another (yawn) housing "estate" of executive homes when there is a glut of property on the market in this price bracket then no, I would be against it. As far as the property market is concerned developers need to look at a bottom-up policy rather than a top-down...and in the long-run such decisions might bring us out of recession. I can sympathise with those who live near these beautiful unspoilt areas - and they are of course thinking about their own property values and property enjoyment - but let's not kid ourselves, in 50 years time NONE of these green spaces we perenially argue about stand a chance of being green, they will all have been built on!

    By pebbles_media at 11:28 on 16/11/12

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    In the end, sadly, it will be money that decides...At least, that is what I have watched over the years. Of course, there are jobs to be considered, and people need a place to live...But if a man wants to build a bungalow in his field, he will probably be turned down. If a developer with 'Money Might', and political friends wants to build; he will probably get permission. They say 'Money talks'. It also rides over the poorer folk, like a tsunami, and rarely do Councils, or planning authorities stand in the way. If I sound like a cynic, it is watching what happens that made me one. Wildlife, flora, and poorer folk, have little power to protest effectively; and the 'Money Mighty' usually have the right connections as well.

    By derryhawk at 15:44 on 14/11/12

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