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I was a farm worker way back in the late 50's early 60's so I am not against farmers per-say.

But in my day if we took our cows or tractors on or crossed the road we had to clear any mud or slurry that the cows or tractor had left behind or the local Bobby would come calling.

Today it is very different, they leave slurry for the motorist, walkers and cyclist to wad through as best we can. We walkers/cyclist have put with the smell and muck on our shoe's or tyre's and splashed on by the motorist.
And God only knows about the pollution of the river Wylye in this county of ours.
Try walking or cycling along the A350 out Warminster just after the By-Pass on the right hand side of the so called pavement / cycle way or past the farm on the road through the other Deverill's that farm is disgusting to say the least rubbish and slurry every were each side of the road. I can't see Country File filming there or Country Tracks.

Then there is the Flail hedge cutters see here for the safety (hse)

The rarely put signs up to warn driver's pedestrians or cyclist they never clear the road after the work carried out. They should have safety deflectors that make all the cutting's go back into the hedge that is being cut. Better still they should have all road hedges cut and layed properly by hand so helping the wild life that are in the our hedge rows.

Would the farmers like us to dump metal nail's and other sharp bits of metal of the size that could puncher the very big and expensive tractor tyre's.

Have you got a dirty smelly tail from this sort of mess?

If so let us know then we might be able to get the country side a little bit cleaner.


By LightTiger at 21:38 on 22/02/11

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    I have just found this on the Web:

    Finally, clear debris after cutting to reduce the hazard to walkers, cyclists and other road users. You could use a tractor-mounted blower to propel the cuttings back into the hedge bottom, but you would need to do a risk assessment first.

    Read it here in full:

    By LightTiger at 21:56 on 22/02/11


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