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Is it just me or are there an increasing number of adults who ride their bicycles on the footpaths in town? Many do not give was to pedestrians. I thought this was against the highway code and that the road was the appropriate place for cyclists.


By dlbmusic at 17:26 on 30/10/10

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    I coudn't agree more, and none have a bell, I am an invalid with two sticks, and I had one come up behind me while I was walking through The Old Bell arches! Also traffic lights and pedestrian crossings don't apply to them.

    By edwinlouis at 15:44 on 08/11/10

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    I would be tempted to put my stick between their spokes if they did that to me.

    By purrdee at 18:31 on 08/11/10

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    I know, I know, there are cyclists who give all cyclists a bad name, they are I should point out, the minority, and if you stand in the high street and observe the amount of riders who are perfectly able to stay within the law, I see this as the positive way of looking at things.
    The roads are busy, dangerous places for those on a cycle, laws are not enforced, so maybe its up to us to challenge those who behave badly when it comes to cycle/pedestrian conflicts.

    By Colin French at 11:08 on 08/12/10

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    I cycle most day's into town for shopping or just visit my friends. But I never ride on the on the pavement or through the shopping mails I have confronted these tiresome riders a few times over the last few years, when I asked the police about them they said as the shopping mails are own by a private firm they can't stop them.

    Most of my other riding is off road and on road long distance rides I have told young men ho ride on the pavements up or along the High St that they baby's and should be using the roads. So please don't tar all cyclist with the same brush.

    By LightTiger at 21:13 on 24/02/11

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    And another thing we the Cycle group are trying very hard to have a safe circular walk/cycle around Warminster which we hope will please ever one from young mums and there children to young men and us old teenagers. Ho love cycling at any age.

    So why not complain to the Police more often about cycling on the pavements.

    I have pictured a man of about 40 riding an Electric bike through mail last Nov and he rode around Morrison's walk way very quite and no horn/bell I had to shout a warning to the people in front of me so they could get out of his way.

    By LightTiger at 21:24 on 24/02/11

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    Surely this is a question of common sense - on fast roads where there is much traffic and few pedestrians it makes sense ( though probably not legal) for cyclists to use pavements and be out of the way of heavy lorries travelling at speed. In towns where there are crowded pavements it is dangerous and alarming for frail pedestrians to find cyclists sharing their walking space. If there was a policeman to be seen we would probably complain - but there again if there was a policeman to be seen the cyclist would probably not be around - another case for bringing back the bobby on the beat! Let's hear more about the safe circular walk/cycle route around Warminster?

    By Victoriaco at 16:01 on 25/02/11


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