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Please warminster councilors can't you provide more for the teenagers in this town to do, as they are just trashing all the parks in this town, probably out of boredom!! Yes they have the skatepark but where are they supposed to hang out in the rain and cold. there have been several places that could have been used for a cinema or ten pin bowling alley but we get more shops or old peoples homes or new housing estates instead. I would hate to be a teenager in this town. I have had to pick up so much broken glass from the queensway park and split cans that are also hazardous, and everytime i've been there it's full of teenagres as they have nothing else to do!! I went to take my daughter to the wreck park oppoiste the snooty fox the other day so she could use the deathslide down there as was fed up of all the broken glass at queensway park, only to find the deathslide had either broke or been broken. The roundabout in the main park is extremely hard to push and has been like that for ages, and someone has cut the rope on the assault course that kids swung on from the wooden beam to the next obstacle and the top rope is missing off another activity further on the course and has been like this for ages. A soft play center would also be great as the other one that closed is sorely missed.


By penzancepasty at 17:17 on 11/11/11

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    I agree, there isn't a lot for teenagers to do in Warminster. Not sure that the Council are that interested in helping them...they don't pay taxes, so why bother? On the subect of broken glass, we live near Sambourne Road and that little alleyway between Sambourne Road and Sambourne Gardens is FULL or broken glass and litter and has been for weeks - awful

    By jobaggs at 20:11 on 13/11/11

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    Jobaggs - Have you reported the broken glass?

    By Warmy at 17:05 on 16/11/11

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    I wouldn't know who to report it to!! Anyone know who I should contact to complain about the broken glass behind Flers Court/Sambourne Road?

    By jobaggs at 20:40 on 16/11/11

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    Jobaggs - Can I suggest that going forward you do something proactive (ie report the problem) before WHINGING about it!

    Some people.....

    By WhingeJobagg at 14:17 on 17/11/11

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    Shame on you Jobaggs!

    By DanDanTheDog at 14:31 on 17/11/11

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    My young son recently came home with a cut leg, arm and hand. He was quite badly cut, so we took him to hospital.

    I asked today where he had done this, we had forgot before in all of the excitement and our desire to get him to hospital quickly. And Jobaggs, can you guess where he had fallen over?????? Yes, it was Flers Court / Samboourne Road!!!!!

    This makes me think that if someone had reported the glass, my son would not have 43 stiches in his leg, 23 stiches in his arm and 34 stiches in his hand!

    Thanks for being a responsible person!

    By JuliaG1980 at 16:45 on 17/11/11

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    After reading the above, I thought I would tell you about my own experience.

    When I was 11 I was playing in the local park with some friends. Unfortunately we 'stumbled' upon some windows that someone had dumped there. I fell into the windows. Realising what was happening, I put out my hand to save myself. This was both a good and bad thing to do.

    The fall resulted in serious injuries to my right hand. 3 tendons had been cut and serious damage had been done to the nevres. I had to have surgery to try to repair the damage. I had over 100 stitches, missed 4 months school, had to have physioperipy for a year and had ongoing outpatient support for about 3 years.

    My hand has about 75% movement and I have about 60% feeling in the hand.

    Based on my experience and now the experience of this little lad, please can I kindly request people not to ignore or simply walk past a danger. Please do something about it. This does mean you need to endanger yourself, but a quick telephone call to the council should be enough.

    JuliaG - Please past on my best to the little one and I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.


    By BadHandie at 18:23 on 17/11/11

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    Jobapps - My wife JuliaG1980 has asked me to write to you to apologise for her earlier comments. As I am sure you will appreciate, the recent events have been very upsetting for the family. But they are in no way your fault.

    All we can ask is that people take BadHandie's advice, and if they see a danger, then alert the appropriate authority to deal with it. That way, things will be safer for the whole community.

    By TomG1978 at 20:39 on 17/11/11

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    Btw - thanks BadHandie for your comments / regards.

    We think he will be ok, just haven't told him that stitches will need to come out yet! Not looking forward to that!

    By TomG1978 at 20:46 on 17/11/11

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    Very gracious Julia and Tom!

    Very good advice BadHandie and Tom!

    By Optimise at 21:10 on 17/11/11

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    That's good advice BadHandie

    By VeggieVegVeg at 22:14 on 17/11/11

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    I think there are a couple of important points here. Your "average" citizen probably wouldn't report something like broken glass, because (a) they probably imagine that someone else has, or (b) they assume that the council are aware or will find it on a regular cleaning round or (c) - and as jobaggs asked - they don't know the right authority to report it to. None of this is any excuse for accidents happening after something is not reported, but one can understand to a certain extent why it wasn't, in the times that we live in.

    If because of cutbacks this type of hazard/danger will NOT be found by the council (i.e. because there is no-one cleaning the streets anymore) then the Council have a duty to put into place better procedures and information for reporting such things, so that these accidents do not happen.

    Maybe David Cameron is right - maybe there is a place for "Big Society" in an environment where every council service will be cut back to the bone?

    Does anyone know of any other "hazards" in or around Warminster that the Council should be aware of?

    By wp_alistair at 08:09 on 18/11/11


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