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Why I like Warminster

Warminster was a friendly town to grow up in, and Kingdown was a decent school. The scenery around the town is beautiful, and the area is rich with history, and wildlife. The close proximity to Longleat, Bath, and Salisbury, is also a plus; and for a small town, to have such a beautiful park is wonderful. Being a teenager in Warminster, when the 60s were in full swing was fantasic. Dances at the Townhall, long summer evenings in the park, good friends, and friendly cafes and pubs. Most people knew most people at least by sight, and it was never hard to find a friendly person for a conversation. Long hair, long nights, and long friendships, in a rural town, but a long time ago.

Why I don't like Warminster

Warminster is still a pleasant town, and has all the surroundings mentioned above. However, like most places it is not as friendly as it once was. One street we lived in people did not even pass the time of day with their neighbours. There is much more suspicion; and now, instead of measuring people for what they are, there is a tendency to measure them by what they have got. I am very sorry to see the demise of the small family run local shops; and the need for ever more cctv, highlights that things have gone amiss. This is sad, but it is not just true of Warminster, but this pleasant small town, reflects the way, that the problems that were once common in New York, and London; have become part of the local scene in most rural towns. Yes there are things I do not like, but I still love Warminster, and will continue to....Oh, and one last gripe. The Townhall was a gift to the people of the town, so can anyone give me a proper explanation, as to why it does not belong to them now?


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