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    I did wonder what they were doing there...couldn't work it out. What a complete waste of money in the current climate (pun intended). As you say, when the animals start marching down those steps two-by-two we'll know that the Highways Agency clearly have more foresight than us!

    By wp_alistair at 21:02 on 22/04/12

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    It has just been announced that we are in a drought and expected to be for a couple of years to come, so why have the Highways Agency spent so much money on new steps and lifebelt in the village of Heytesbury ? These pictures of a little trickle of water off the A36 roundabout was taken this week after heavy rain but usually this drainage ditch is bone dry. Residents are wondering when the ark will be supplied.

    By vjsturmey at 10:21 on 22/04/12

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