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    Packed with silliness and socks Patwork Productions - who hail from Dorset – are bringing their debut original show
    'PUT A SOCK IN IT' to us fresh from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
    What's it about? Well apparently (!) "Sometime in the future, drastic measures will have to be taken if life on Earth is to be sustained. Somewhere in the countryside, a village is reducing its emissions by banning socks."

    Critics have described this as a farce that has its moments of near-brilliance, in the style of the Vicar of Dibley. The scenes in the garden shed between members of the parish balance characters' pantomimic physicalities with dialogue that is plain ridiculous. Boris the plant pot is an endless source of giggles... there is certainly enough tongue-in-cheek humour to last an hour.

    By adelafw at 14:55 on 28/09/11

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