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  • (2 reviews)

    Raves from the Grave

    5 Weymouth Street


    BA12 9NP


    A successful independent store in Warminster

    It's great to see Raves From The Grave in Warmisnter still going. Along with their Frome store, they are still providing music fans with a wide range of music and the expertise to match, The staff are always willing to help you...

  • (1 review)

    The Raves From Grave

    5 Weymouth Street


    BA12 9NP


    "High Fidelity" in Warminster

    Remember the film High Fidelity? Small independent record store staffed by people fanatical about live music, vinyl and obscure artists? Warminster has its own store like this with Raves from the Grave...huge selection of stock,...

  • (0 reviews)

    Sound Post

    Mayflower Farm

    New Road, Codford


    BA12 0NS




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